Frequently Asked Questions
1. What i need to do to earn?

We have 4 ways to earn here.

- You can invest and earn 154%, You will receive revenue by clicking ads every day.

- Bring referrals to earn 10% when they invest, and 5% of each daily earnings they receive

- Claim free BAPs every 10 minutes using faucet.

- Click on shortlink and receive more BAPs.

2. How can i invest?
- At first, you need to go to deposite page and choose your payment method, you can deposite funds with Perfect money, Payeer, FaucetPay (BTC, ETH and more) minimum amount to deposite is $1.
- When you finish your deposite, you will get your funds in your purchase balance, then you need to go to buy adpack page and buy as much as you want of ad-packs, you will get 3080 BAP for each adpack you buy.
3. How to maximize my earnings?
- You can maximize you earnings by investing more.
- You can maximize your earnings when you bring more referrals.
4. What is Bonus ad points (BAP)?
-Bonus ad points (BAP) is a credit that allow you to receive daily earnings,
** for example : - when you have 0 BAP you will not receive daily earnings.
- you will start receiving daily earnings when you have at least 1600 BAP.
- when you have 1600 BAP you will receive $0.05 daily earnings
- but for example when you have 51000 BAP you will get $0.40 daily earnings
- and for 200000 BAP you will get between $1.80 daily
*conclusion : the more you have bonus ad points (BAP) the more you get daily earnings.
Important : we deduce 1 BAP for each $0.0005 you receive in paid ads page.
5. How much is the minimum and maximum withdrawal amount?

- Minmum amount to withdraw is $2

- Maximum amount to withdraw daily is $6500, for example if you want to withdraw $18000 you can withdraw them in 3 days.

6. What is the minimum amount to deposit?
- Minmum amount to deposit is $1.

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